Not in the least thank youMature

The coronation was supposed to be a long and eventful evening with a feast and dancing, but as the shaman blessed him with health and long life the palace was silent. Liall was seated on the cold, hard throne and all before him bowed. All except Illiad who simply place his hand to his heart, that is, if he had one. A few moments passed and Illiad leaned down and whispered in Liall's ear, "they are waiting on your word, sire." His voice held a mocking tone, but Liall didn't let it get to him. He rose his hand the way his father did and the people rose, it was uncomfortable and new, he loathed that this would become a concrete part of his reality. Why couldn't he just  give the crown to Illiad? why wouldn't they let him do it? he didn't want to be here! 

The End

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