The Prince and the Princess

This is the first completed story I wrote in my life. It's a romantic version of "Jack and the Beanstalk" written in the first grade and just really...hilarious, partly because of the fact that it's illustrated and horribly done. xD Reading it now brings me back memories of when I was a child and would never have thought I'd grow such a passion for writing. And so without further ado, I present to you: The Prince and the Princess - written the exact same way. :)

The Prince and the Princess

By: Betty Manuel

Once upon a time there was a prince whose name was Eric. He was going to buy some beans.

He saw a man with beans. He went to the man and asked, "Can I have those beans?" The man didn't answer, but he gave him the beans. The prince paid $3 to the man. 

He went to the castle and threw the beans to the floor. 

The next day he saw a big beanstalk!

He climbed the beanstalk and saw a castle just like his. He went in the castle and saw a princess. 

He asked to the princess, "What's your name?" The princess answered, "Princess Steffany." And she asked, "What's your name?" He answered, "Prince Eric." So they became friends. 

The next day another fairy came and told the king (princess Steffany's father) to drink the magic potion. 

She gave the potion to change the king's mind. The fairy said, "It will never make you die." So the king drank it. It changed his mind.

The day came for the marriage to begin. The king came into the castle and opened the door. 

The king said, "Stop the marriage!" Princess Steffany was shocked.

But when the king was going to take Steffany to her room, Prince Eric said, "Steffany and I love each other." When the king heard that, the spell was broken. 

After the spell was broken, they married. They also had children and lived happily ever after. 


The End

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