Robert gave his head another shake, to dissipate the confusion that was chasing itself around in his poor beleaguered brain.

" A problem ye say lad? Well I just suppose I do. How am I supposed to explain that ye wure dead, then not dead?  " Robert whispered.

He took a quick furtive peek over his shoulder to see if anyone else had entered the room unnoticed. He most certainly didn't want any eavesdroppers to hear anything about these strange goings on. A sudden thought occurred to him. He took a small stepped forward and spoke so low that he was barely audible.

" Ye be from the same place as Rebecca then? That explains a bit o' these goin's on. I thought she wus a demon at first, but she made me think otherwise. She told me I wus her grandfather, many times removed. She said she wus from the future. Is it true lad? Is that where ye be from?"

Richard nodded, then put his hands on Robert's shoulders to steady him. He looked like he might be ready to faint.

"Yes, I am from the future, but now is not the time to talk about that. We have a more pressing matter to deal with right now. I was carrying a package for you from Sir Reginald Broddington. Of course I didn't open it, but I have a pretty good idea what it might be. What might be in that package is the entire reason that I am here. I was going to locate the thing, and return to my own..." Richard paused as he too took a quick look around the room.

"I was  going return to my own time, but there has been a major complication. I was attacked on the road, and the package was stolen."

"Gone !! The relic is gone fur sure then, lad?"  Robert gasped and clutched his chest as he took a step backward.

Richard put an arm around Robert's shoulder to support him. He looked like he was at the point of collapse. Richard steered him toward the cot that his own 'dead' body had recently occupied. When Robert was seated comfortably, Richard sat down too.

"I thought maybe ye hadn't been carrying a parcel, because ye had none with ye when ye arrived. Ye be wearing Sir Reginald's livery, so I thought maybe there was a letter on ye somewheres, but I hadn't had the chance to uh.. look."  Robert blushed at the thought that he had planned to search the dead body, the very dead body that he was now speaking to!

"Relic? What do you mean by relic, Mr. Witherspoon?" 

He hoped that he had misinterpreted the Scotsman's accent. A relic generally had a religious connotation. If that was the case, then the thing he was looking for had just acquired  a whole new level of complication.

The End

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