The Order

Robert Witherspoon placed his rather large derrière on one of the stools facing the bar. He watched John Broddington's reaction to Rebecca with fascination. The young man was as bowled over by her as he himself had been.

"So she is my descendant is she?' Robert thought to himself. "She's right handsome, she is."

As he watched the interaction among the young people, he absently polished a pewter mug with his apron. He wondered where the messenger from Sir Reginald might be, or if a messenger had even been sent.

As head of the Order of the Red Dagger, it was up to Lord Edmond to decide what to do about Rebecca. At first he had thought she might be a demon with her short hair and strange clothing.

In his first letter he had led Lord Edmond to believe that a demon had arrived and a battle must be eminent. Robert had urged him to contact Sir Reginald and have him send the relics to the inn as protection and as a weapon.

That first letter was sent off before Rebecca told him that she was a visitor from the future. She was not a demon after all! She could be lying of course, demons would  be good at lying, but he could not believe that this beautiful young woman was evil.

He had sent a second letter to Lord Edmond explaining who Rebecca was. It was in that letter that he asked for some of Lorraine's clothing for Rebecca.

Robert nervously polished the mug over and over. He would have to send another messenger to Sir Edmond straight away to find out if the relics had been sent or not. He didn't know if the second letter had arrived before Sir Reginald had been contacted.

 If the request for the relics was sent before the second letter arrived at Maycourt Hall, then Sir Reginald would not know that it was unnecessary to send the relics to the inn. Enough time had passed that if a messenger had been sent, he should have already arrived at the inn.

A sudden thought struck Robert and he slid of the stool with such violence that he dropped the mug onto the floor. It landed with a resounding clatter that made all three of the young people turn in his direction.

"If Rebecca is from the future, then a battle against the demons from Hell must not have occurred yet."  He muttered to himself.

Robert looked up at Rebecca's sweet face as he bent to retrieve the mug. There was always the possibility that there had been a battle and the good side had won. He must ask her about that as soon as she was alone.

The heavy oak door opened slowly as a man wearing Sir Reginald's  livery fell forward into the room. He was covered in mud and blood.

The End

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