Mysterious Missive

John mulled over this clandestine information as he walked down the stairs. His father had mentioned a meeting with Lorrie's father, Lord Edmond Maycourt.

His father was far too ill to go anywhere, so Lord Edmond would have to come here.  He wondered what could be so important that his anti social father would actually accept visitors.

When he got to the bottom, he sat on the last step and listened to the beautiful melody wafting out of the music room. He had to give the letter to Lorrie soon, but he decided to just sit and enjoy the song until it was finished.

He supposed he should feel guilty about snooping into his father's private correspondence, but he didn't. It directly involved Broddington Heights, his inheritance, so he rationalized that he had  a right to know what was going on.

He already knew that his father thought that he had no rights to anything, so that argument would never hold up if his father found out.

He involuntarily shuddered at the thought of what would happen if Sir Reginald did find out that John had been snooping. The insufferable old man would probably have him flogged!

When the melody finished, John headed toward the music room. He wondered if he should show the letter to Lorrie. She was the only person in the world that John truly trusted. After all, the letter involved her father too.

When he reached Lorrie's side at the piano, Lorrie had begun another melody.  He leaned over her shoulder and pretended to leaf through the music. As he did so, he whispered in her ear.

"I've got something important to tell you. Wait for me at the willows after you leave."

She nodded in time to the music just in case any of the servants were watching. When she finished the song, she smiled at John and stood up.

"I'm assuming you have a reply for papa?"

He nodded and handed it to her.

"I'll walk you to the stables. I'm thinking of going for a ride later. I might drop by Maycourt Hall and see if your father has a return message."

She gave him a surprised look. John had never come over looking for a reply. If there was one, she always brought it over. There had never been a reply in the same day anyway, so she couldn't understand John's assumption that there might be one.

When they arrived at the stables, John helped her into the side saddle.

."I'll be there in half an hour," he whispered.

Lorrie had no idea why John had employed all this secrecy all of a sudden, but she assumed he had a good reason.

When she got to the stand of willow trees down by  the creek that ran through both properties, she dismounted and waited for John.

She could see him gallop across the fields on Ferdinand. Both horse and man were very handsome in her estimation.

She hoped that John would be able to make it to her débutante ball. Since she couldn't talk her father out of throwing the ball, at least she didn't have to be bored to tears. John was an excellent conversationalist on any subject.

John brought Ferdinand to a halt a few feet away from where Lorrie stood, and dismounted.

"Did you read the letter to your father?"  He asked her bluntly.

"Of course not!  I'm offended that you think I would."

"Well don't be offended, because I've already read it. Your father and mine are up to something."

With some apprehension, she took the packet out of her saddlebag. When she read it through twice, she looked up at John with consternation.

"What in the world could they be up to, I wonder?"

The End

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