The Price of Eden

Eden Prime is a perfect city in a vast wasteland after a massive war nearly destroyed all of humanity. But is it so perfect? And what are people having to pay to keep this Eden going?

War, the way it's fought or the reason it's fought might change, but the result is all too usual. One guy wins, another guy looses, it's the same thing with a bar fight. Until now that is. There is no victor of this war, humanity lost due to our idiocy and happy willingness to wipe our existance off of this planet. I would say the Earth won but she has been changed forever. Her once verdant forests are now dry hustks of snapped trees, her rivers have all but dried up and her guardians are the ones who killed her. Such wonderful people we are.

At any rate, someone found a way to capitalise on this monumental failure of humanity. The Bastion, a group of political intelectuals who formed their own goverment after Hell surfaced on Earth, built Eden Prime, a 'perfect city' in this vast wasteland of what once was North America. Hundreds, no, thousands flocked to the city at the prospect of food, water and shelter and they were not disappointed. But if only they knew what this Eden cost them.

If only.

The End

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