The PreyMature

Samantha Price was still in awe of her surroundings. After living in Japan for over four months, she still cannot get over the obvious cultural differences, but Tokyo is vastly different from her home in Iowa. She reflects how she even got here.

Graduated top of her class at Princeton, she was invited to join one of the most prestigious law firms in the United States, where she quickly impressed her boss to make junior partner, and all this within her first two years at the firm.

While Samantha was still aghast at the prospect of fronting the firm's Tokyo office, she is still missing one thing in her life; a loved one. Both her parents passed away the year Samantha graduated Princeton, no siblings, and all her friends are married. Samantha decided to focus on her career; a way for her to bypass the grieving process of her parents. This detered her from finding a boyfriend. Sure, she has had a few relationships, all ending because of her unwillingness to open up to people. There's no doubt about it, Samantha was a very successful lawyer, but she is alone, and she knows it.

The boardroom is filled with Japanese and American businessmen and lawyers, all waiting in their seats, waiting patiently. Samantha steps in, and closes the door behind her.

"Good morning, everyone"

Everyone greets her in unison. Samantha begins her presentation.

"I trust everyone has had a look at the proposal that has been drafted by me. So, before I bore anyone with facts, and figures, does anyone have a question?"

No one does, and so she carries on with her presentation.

It was a hit.

Everyone in the room walk out with smiles on their faces, shaking Samantha's hand and bowing to her, and Samantha is pleased with herself. One thing she has is pride in her work, and when she does it well, she is happy. If it isn't 100%, she's not happy. A perfectionist by nature, which is why she has gotten ahead in her career so quickly.


The End

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