Lighting The FireMature

"As soon as my parents shut me out I turned into something I had promised Blaze I would never bceome. I bunked off school,I got involved in a violent gang; called ourselves The Dead Rabbits. It started out with me and a few older lads and lasses and it just spiraled out of control,escalated into something we couldn't stop. Before we knew it,we were drug addicts. You name it we were on it. Stuff like M-Cat,Coke. You couldn't mention anything illegal we hadn't tried. We were having huge parties more and more often. Our intake of alcohol was ridiculous and I suppose that's where the violence came from. Before we knew it we were in debt with other gangs and drug dealers and we didn't have enough money to pay it back. They were after us and for a while we were able to cover our tracks but you can't run forever. They caught up to us eventually,beat us up and stole everything we had on us. After that we decided to go our separate ways. I know a few of the lads ended up in prison for drug dealing and theft,some in help groups for their addictions. But I was the worst out of the lot of them. That's why we're both here."

He looked mesmerized as all of this he hadn't been prepared for. Obviously it wasn't in the job description.

"So do you think being addicted to all of those drugs had an effect on what happened after that?" he asked. It actually was a good question to wonder. Could it be that the drugs were making it all worse for me. I couldn't get what happened to my sister out of my head. It just replayed round and round like re-occurring dream although this was a definite nightmare,maybe it was the drugs that did this. Again maybe not.

"Maybe." I paused. "But how can I know that? How can you know that? Maybe the drugs put everything into perspective for me,highlighting and giving me directions to what I needed to do. Even if it was wrong,which I strongly believe it wasn't to this day, maybe it helped me come to the conclusion of what I wanted to do ..but who knows?" I answered as truthfully as I could.

Just because people in white coats with a few letters before their name has said that certain drugs are illegal,that they're no good who's to say that they're right. What if in fact that the air we breathe is really a drug? An actual bad drug that makes us see a dazed version of the world but when people take real 'drugs',the drugs that doctors and scientists say are bad,they see the real world and that is in fact the reason to why they're illegal.

"But anyway that's when I had the idea to teach them a lesson. They and already destroyed my sister's life,my family's life and now mine. They weren't getting away with any of it. They should've known that. They should of known that sooner or later karma would get them. But no,they were naive enough to think that they were safe,playing happy families and enjoying their life.." I continued,smirking.

"How did you go about it? What was your strategy?" He asked further,trying to get as deep as he possibly could.

The End

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