Cold and TrueMature

He scribbled down every word that sprung from my poisonous lips. His tongue stuck out to the side slightly as he did so. His focus and concentration point was completely on me.

This gave me enough time to observe his strange physique. I sat forward in my chair,noticing a great deal of sweat was pouring from his brow onto his cheeks. The light directly above us made it worse as every drip was distinguished to me. It slid down his neck and into his shirt which was very tightly fitted,especially around his middle.

I must have been staring at this for such a long time that he could feel my eyes on him as he began to fidget and squirm around his chair; like a cow that had been stung by a hornet. His eyes rose from his notebook,examining the situation and then he loosened his tie and undid two of his top buttons. As he did so,a vile odor filled the room revealing a nauseating sweat patch from underneath his arm. I attempted a numerous amount of times to let him know how I felt about his distasteful aroma but each time he chose to ignore it. On the bright side, it wasn't the worst; the stench of dead bodies wasn't the most appetizing of fragrances either.

"So did you plan what happened next? Was it the heat of the moment? Or was it purely out of hatred for what these bullies did to your sister?" he asked,completely changing the direction of which I planned for this to go.

I sat back in my chair,folded my arms and smirked to myself,almost chuckling at these, to me, insignificant questions. But I took great care in answering them.

"My family was deteriorating right in front of my eyes. No teenager deserves to see that happening. She was the favorite,the golden girl and I was the screw up so I knew that,that was how it was going to be. She would forever be mourned over and I would be forgotten. The anger didn't just generate from those bastards,no. The neglectance from my entire family that I had suffered from the moment my sister died was also the trigger of the events that a year later followed."

"Neglectance?" he asked seeming very puzzled. He then started to search through his notes to see what I was talking about. I started to smirk and laugh again

"No you see people think they know me. They think they know everything that has happened and they seem to think that even without talking to me, they can interrogate me,try and make me feel so scared that I'm just gonna give in to them,tell them everything they wanna know about me. Now you seem like a nice guy. So I'm gonna give you the benefit of the doubt and tell you exactly how it was. Some of it's in your notes,some of it's not but that's how it is. Now you try and act like Mr Big Shot with me then I'm gonna tell you where to go because I ain't got time for all this bs okay,you acting like you're a hard man will not do yourself any favors. So let's just be clear on that okay?"

He nodded in agreement.

Sometimes you have to sink to  a person that has a lower intelligence range than you's level for them to understand what you're trying to get across. The evidence is clear that it worked because he then almost immediately understood where I was coming from and we weren't playing games any more.

The End

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