Heaven Took Her HomeMature

'Go on' the Cheif said,eager to learn of this ordeal. He was just like all the news reporters; on the edge of his seat,his ears picking up every word I said, his eyes never lost contact with mine, his face astonished. I was guessing he'd only been on the job a few weeks and they'd thrown him straight into a serial killer case. But as I was only going to be able to tell the story once, I figured I'd tell him the brutal, devastating truths of my life, give the newspapers something to talk about, give chat shows hot topics. This was my one chance.

"That's where the hurt sprung from. From the coldest,darkest part of me I'd never known until now I had." I replied, staring at the floor. I wanted to hold back the tears, look like a baddass for a while, like nothing had affected me. But the truth is it had,big time. The loss of my sister sent me psycho in unimaginable ways.

Let me start from the beginning, my name is Axel Rose, Ax to my inmates. And this is how I became a monster.

Acacia Rose was her name. Blaze I called her because of the mane she carried and when I say mane I mean the ginger nest that rested quite awkwardly onto her head. No one else in the family apart from Great Aunt Georgina had,had ginger hair. She must of took after her. Even though her hair was very reckless and carefree,wild perhaps,she most certainly wasn't. She was always quiet,loved getting her head into a book,always tried hard in her schooling, always did as she was told. Very much unlike me. She dressed how Mum wanted her to, she attended ballet, she was the average goody two shoes sort of kid. But having said that, she was so much fun. She bought life into my world. She was the happiest; always had a huge smile on her face,never had anything to complain about on the surface. I was the closest person to her and still I didn't see the signs. I didn't see the cuts on her wrists, I didn't hear the silent cries she must have cried every single night. I must have ignored the bruises and the blood because she was hanging there. Hanging there because she was tired,she was sick, she was in so much pain none of us even knew and you know what's worse? I didn't even notice my own sister was dying inside, I didn't realize that she was starving herself, I didn't even understand that there were people out there so brutal they kicked and punched and bruised my poor sister until she bled,until she was unconscious,lying on the floor of the girls toilets. The anger that grew inside me could not be held back,it could not be contained it had to be let out. But you must understand I'm not just angry at the low lives that drove my sister to suicide oh no. I only have myself to blame for looking the other way, somehow believing that her smiles were real.

The End

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