you ignore the email

You decide that giving in to such childish requests would mean you have lost already in giving in on what might be a practical joke. I mean, it had been from an unknown person.

Your plans for that day were about relaxing anyway, not stressing out on some fantasy movie scenario.

So you close the email, thinking no more about it, and flop on the couch, turning on the televion to your favorite channel.

It starts to get late. The clock is reading 12 'o' clock and you have  a quick flash of the time you'd have to respond to the email or not. Or they come to you at twelve exact.

You mute the television for a second waiting for noises down the hall.

You don't hear anything and at the sound of 12:01, you chuckle softly.

Then suddenly you hear a strong knock at the door...

The End

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