the preSsure is oN ( or not? )

its up to you ... a threat comes to you in email ... you are to comply with the request of the sender, that seems to be scared of your actions 'out there' in the world ... or ... you don't ... what would you do?

don't you hate being threatened?

a random day during the week

you open up your email and start sifting through the pile up that's been sitting there since midday yesterday ( that's what you get for not being constantly online, right? < sfx : gentle exhalation > )

woah, huh ... what's this?

a strange and threatening letter ... someone wants you to do something for them, but they haven't just picked up the phone or anything ... no human decency involved ... interesting

if you don't do what they want, well ... oh my ... very threatening

is THAT the way people get what they want?

by acting like a Big Baby?

stomping your feet?

well, i guess you didn't expect much more from the person, the party, the website involved ... but, what can you do?

The End

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