Prologue (2)

A sudden bulge in the rate of comprehension of the silhouette’s brain allowed him to absorb the array of news channel reports in front of him. Angry politicians warning the populous of what is to come mixed with praising recipients of the Free Organic Energy Corporation’s free electricity arguing for its full implementation as America’s sole source of energy. As the man switched the stations, the news became darker. Leaked footage of the FOEC’s power plants led to horrific discoveries of what was being done—what was being CREATED—to gain this new, free power. Rumors led to headlines, and those headlines led to an international crisis that had nearly shut down the world’s infrastructure.

As the news reports continued, so did the severity of what was reported. Entire families were being killed at the hands of the creatures being bred by the FOEC that had begun escaping the power plants. Soon, entire communities were being evacuated, and the main scientist who initiated the project went into hiding. One particular news report, the last before the television was shut down, included a sweating man reporting of a particular family’s being murdered at the hands of the creatures, creatures initially bred to bring free power to the world.

“DO YOU CARE NOW, DR. LOFADIO?” the reporter asked, yelling into the camera in a red-faced rage. Soon, his face began to take up every screen in the room. The man in the lab coat stood up slowly, fists shaking beneath pristine white sleeves. “Now that your problem has hit home will you do something about it?! Millions—MILLIONS—have died because of your ‘project!’ Now YOUR FAMILY, your own wife and children, have as well because of your ignoring the responsibilities that you have. Is that what it takes for you to help us? Your family is DEAD because of you. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?”

The End

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