Prologue (1)

A science experiment to give the world free sustainable energy takes a gruesome turn. Now, a retired military general leads an expedition to hunt down the hostile creatures created by the experiment before they replace human beings as the dominant species on Earth. (1st draft short story)

The only light came from the blue illumination of 25 TVs and projectors left running, vomiting their contents over and over in an endless cycle of hysteria and chaos. A silhouette picked his way through the small dim room, which was in complete disarray as mounds of papers, newspaper reports and experimental results, mostly, were thrown here and there in no conceivable pattern all over the white tile floor. Some of the stories on the newspapers one could see read “Incredible Energy Breakthrough” and “Scientist of the Century,” however some of the more recent headlines were more disturbing. One reported the attacking of a rural community by “these unearthly beasts,” another accusing the Free Organic Energy Corporation of abandoning their failed project. The silhouette caught a newspaper that had fallen off of the table from his air current as he walked by; it was simply titled “Where is Dr. Lofadio now?” The date was March 31st, 2206, exactly one year ago the following week.

A sudden foreign sound brought the silhouette’s keen eyes back to the room around him; his ears, two watchtowers to the fortress of his body, had sounded the alarm. Glancing tentatively around the room, his feet silent on the paper-carpeted floor, the long metal pole of his rifle glinting in the dim blue light, he saw where the noise had come from. A man in a lab coat with long brown hair sticking straight up and glinting in front of an array of TVs was silently scrutinizing a certain newspaper article and comparing a sheet of experiment results. His head whipped back and forth like a madman as he sat at the desk. Suddenly throwing the papers aside with an angry growl, the man picked up a remote and began pointing it at the TVs, seemingly pressing buttons at random. Every recording was a news report.

The End

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