Chapter 1: Best Friends (Page 10)Mature

“Hurry, we’ve got to hurry!”

“Wait, what?”

“We’re not going to make it out alive if we don’t hurry our asses up!”

The world around me starts to flicker between here and and steel corridor after steel corridor.

I then realize that I now hear the sound of gunfire, and the image of the girl who I think to be Luc is shifting between her and a girl with short, sky blue hair.

“What the fu-” And suddenly, I’m no longer running through grass and sunflowers, but steel hallways and rooms, clearly being chased, as I now hear not only gunfire, but yelling not far behind us.

“What the hell, where am I, what the fuck happened?” I’m so confused right now, what’s going on?”

“What do you mean by that, you’re the one who made me break and enter, you moron!” The girl with sky blue hair snaps at me while she keeps pulling me along as we run.

“No, I mean why’re you here? I last remember being roped up and tortured for no reason!”

“Wait, how much of the situation we’re in right now do you remember?”

“Well, a minute ago I was in a place very dear to me, and next thing I know, I’m hand in hand with you, running from guys with guns.”

She says nothing, and as we turn a corner, she just yells to me,

“Brace yourself!”

And the next thing I know, we’re in midair, glass shards freeze all around us, in fact, the whole world around us freezes as we start falling, and then, she lets go of me for a brief moment, before somehow we end up safely on the ground from 60 feet up.

“What in the world just happened, Blue Hair. Who even are you?”

“I’m Azul, nice to meet your acquaintance, Mei, although under some tragic circumstances.”

“How do you know my name, why did you come here and rescue me?”

“Because the princess told me to.”

“Wait, how do you know whoever this princess is?”

“I’m an ex-hitman, and now, I’m like her...royal assistant parsay. I don’t really kill anymore though, I just complete anything she asks me too. Now we must hurry, Her Royal Highness has requested to speak with you.”




The End

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