Chapter 1: Best Friends (Page 9)Mature

“Ah, isn’t this place just so beautiful in the summer, I mean, look at how many leaves are on our tree!” I lift my head and look to the tree we call our own. It creates a large canopy over the hill, we’d always go there in the summers when both of our AC’s would break. Sometimes we’d just sit, other times have picnics, play tag every now and then. But most of the time we’d just sit there and stare out into the distance, no exchanging of words, just silence.

“Well, we can’t just stare at it all day, c’mon!” Luc takes my hand, and suddenly I felt as if a breath of life rushed through my body, and suddenly, the ropes hanging me, and binding my ankles and wrists evaporate, and my sore body lands on the springy grass- it feels like I’ve landed on a mattress of feathers as I lay on the ground.

“You’re so lazy, you know that.” Luc looks down at me and proceeds to pull me up, feeling a rush of energy surge through me.

“Fine, fine, lead the way.”

“But you already know the way.”


“OK fine, come with me!” Luc takes my hand and we both start running through the bright green grass as it begins to grow from the ground up, and sunflowers appearing behind each step I take. Butterflies litter the skies and flutter past the two of us. I feel like I’m back in 5th grade, when we first discovered this incredible place, blanketed in snow, as I sat there for hours, drawing Luc in various poses as snowflakes fell on her head and shoulders. As she laughed.


The End

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