Chapter 1: Best Friends (Page 8)Mature

“Mei, wake up.” That voice.

“C’mon Mei, we have busy lives, you know, you can’t just be a sleepy head all day!” I open my eyes slowly, blinking a few times to get used to the once again white scenery.

It’s Luc, standing right in front of me. Her long hair looks almost exactly like mine; white, except hers has always been beautifully wavy, and unlike me, has no bangs. She smiles at me with her lips and her ruby red eyes that greatly contrast against her skin- pale like mine.

“L-Luc? What’re you doing here?”

“Isn’t it obvious? You’re clearly lonely, so I thought you could use a nice picker-upper from yours truly!”

“I did you get here?”

“Mei, you’re so silly sometimes.”

“What do you mean silly, you’re the silly one of the two!”

“I’m not here, I’m merely a figment of your imagination at the moment.”

“ I’m basically losing it.”

“Don’t ever say that, Mei. You aren’t losing it, you’re just having a bad day, so I’m here the make you feel better.

The world around me distorts and flashes bright colors. Suddenly the sight before me makes my stomach flip- I’m on the hill.

The End

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