Chapter 1: Best Friends (Page 7)Mature

“Now I’m going to ask you one more time, What do you know of the princess’s whereabouts.” The intimidating man in front of me drags his long whip across the ground.

“I told you...I don’t know who the fuck this princess is- AH!” The pain of being hit with the whip across the side is excruciating, and leaves yet another red mark on my skin.

This mystery man has been asking me this question over and over again for hours, hitting me continuously with his whip until I pass out from pain or blood loss. When I wake up once again, I’m patched up and the whole process begins again.

“Why do you insist on spitting out such lies? This would all be over right now if you just told me where the princess is taking refuge. In fact, we could’ve all walked away peacefully if you’d just told me to begin with. Besides...I feel bad tarnishing the flawless pale skin on such a beautiful body.” He brushes his left hand through my hair, the whip in the other. This is disgusting.

I gather up some strength to spit at him straight in the face. “You...fucking pervert.” He just looks at me, clearly amused.

“Oh, I love it when they have spirit! But that’s aside the point. Where is she?” And now we’ve come back full circle to whoever this ‘princess’ is.

“...Fuck you.” And everything goes black once more


The End

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