Chapter 1: Best Friends (Page 5)Mature

What’s your opinion on snow, Mei? After all, it’s the color of our hair.

Well, my general opinion on snow is quite broad, I can’t really shorten it down to one conversation, even as it snows now, I can’t really describe what I feel about it.

C'mon, Mei, we’re both in 5th grade now! I bet next year, in middle school, you’ll have to be able to narrow down your thoughts on snow in just 1 conversation, one sentence, even!

Well, since you’ll be going up with me, what’s your opinion on snow, Luc?

I’ve never really seen snow, I’ve only heard of it in grand fairytales. Have you ever heard of of the story ‘The Snow Queen’, Mei?


It’s the story of 2 children, friendship, love, and the Snow Queen. I used to sit in my bedroom and read it on my bed for hours. I was super fascinated by it and used to know most of the story back to front by heart. But what I found most fascinating were the ‘snow bees’ - snowflakes that look like little bees, even acted like them, clumping together and floating the winter skies like bees!

Sounds interesting, I always love to look at the winter scenery, especially undisturbed snow on hilly landscapes. That’s the only way I can really describe to you what I feel when I think of snow. I’ve drawn every winter landscape I can remember for years now. I’m not the greatest artist, but I’m getting better now!

Wow Mei, I've never heard you sound so happy! Is it because you like to draw? Lets go back to your house to grab your sketchbook, and then you can draw me, standing on one of the hills near the outskirts of town- there’s bound to be snow out there!

That sounds lovely, I’ll take you up on that offer

We’ve got to hurry then, lets walk to your house, but holding hands the whole time, or else they’ll get chilly.

OK fine, these pockets aren't that warm anyway.

Oh my gosh, that’s the first time I've heard you genuinely laugh, it’s so beautiful! You need to laugh more often, Mei.

I’ll make sure to do that, Luc.


The End

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