Chapter 1: Best Friends (Page 4)Mature

Your house is so adorable, a picket fence and everything! I bet you have a dog too, I feel like this house would hold a dog

No, we have a fish, Hilbert

Hilbert? That name is horrible!

And SparkleShine is better?

Yes, much better, in fact!

Why is that?

Because it isn't Hilbert!

There was no logic in that sentence whatsoever.

Who needs logic when you have a dog with the coolest name ever?



I walk up to the front steps of my house and go to turn the key in the lock, nothing happens the lock is as turned as far over as a lock can be. The door’s unlocked. I slowly push open the door, the creaking of the door ringing in the eerie silence of the neighborhood. Every house light is turned off, and the only sound is that of the wind, and the creaking door. I step inside and slowly close the door behind me. 

“Hello, Dad, you here?” I walk through the entrance way into the pitch black house. Something’s definitely wrong here. I tip-toe into the kitchen, open up one of the drawers, and take out the biggest cutting knife we have.

“Hello...Dad?” I tip-toe back into the main hallway, and proceed up the stairs.


I go deathly silent, as I follow the blood trail through the upstairs level of our home, until it lead into his bedroom, where he was placed on his bed, the bedsheets soaked with blood.

“Oh my God-”

“Miss Mei, you’ll be coming with us.”

And everything goes dark.




The End

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