Chapter 1: Best Friends (Page 3)Mature

I sit on a park bench on in our only park; the very simplistic Paper Forest park, dabbled with trees, with rows of paved paths leading to a beautifully simple marble fountain of a smiling child looking up to the stars in the middle of the park. It’s the center of the whole town, so it holds significance in my life, a lot of it. I try to get comfortable, but with all the rain, I can’t possibly. I look up to the sky and sigh. It hasn’t rained this much here in a long time, I could imagine Luc frolicking through this park now



Why’re you so excited, we get rain all the time. It sucks.

I love rain! Where I used to live, we never had rain, just a lot of ice. It sucked even more. I had heard that it rained here a lot here, so I was super excited when we got to move here!

On Pluto, right?

Shhhh, you aren't suppose to say anything about that, remember?

How could I forget?


I take a left, on the way to my house, my dad must be worrying about me so much at this point, it’s way past curfew.

12:48 AM

Jesus! It’s already the next day. Shit, I need to hurry. I quickly switch from a slow walk to a speedy run, as I make my way down the darkened streets.



The End

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