Chapter 1: Best Friends (Page 2)Mature

The usually crystal clear sunset sky is cloudy, with the normal bright sunset- coated in layers of pink, orange, yellow and blue- is grey and dreary. The sidewalks are littered with mud puddles, with no children running amuk or concerned parents or star-crossed lovers sharing an ice cream, just me and the storm of ‘God’s tears’. I’m getting soaked out here, I didn’t bring my grey jacket, my only jacket. Luc had stolen it from me and wore it out last night. When it happened.

I take refuge under a large oak tree that practically acts as a giant umbrella, embracing the area it covered with bright green against the dark grey.  I look over at the bright yellow that catches my eye. I would be able to see her probably wearing my jacket right now, but all I see is a grey tarp.

Police surround the area, with caution tape tied from nearby trees to telephone poles.

Caution- Crime scene do not cross- caution- crime scene do not cross

I obey the request stated and walk away from the horrific scene, into the misty background that is Owaka town.

I will find who did this to my best friend.


Hey, this town is tinnnnnnyyy.

Shut up, I’ve never lived anywhere else, so I have nowhere to compare it to.

Still, it’s tiny. I love this park though, it’s very simplistic, yet so beautiful. Nothing I’d ever seen where I used to live.

Where did you use to live anyway?

Somewhere on PLUTO! But that’s my secret, OK?



The End

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