Chapter 1: Best FriendsMature

Mei, a girl who lives in the small town of Owaka, will have her world destroyed when her best friend, Luc, is murdered with no clues as to who did it and why. Mei sets out on a journey alongside ex-hitman by the name of Azul, as she not only will learn the true identity of the friend she thought she knew, she will learn that Luc and her are more connected than friends could ever be.

Chapter 1: Best friends

It's been raining a lot lately. As I like to say 'when it rains, it pours'. I used to think that when it was raining, that it meant that God was crying. I always found it odd that we would play in 'God's tears', as she liked to put it. She loved the rain. So why did her life have to go to hell on the day that our little town had set a new record on inches of rain? Maybe God didn't like her playing his tears. Maybe he had it out for her, for us.


Hey there, I'm Luci, but you can call me Luc, it sounds cooler.

Hey. You're the first person I've met with white hair like mine. People say that it's freaky, like I'm a space alien or something. That or I'm really old.

Well, from where I'm from, it's a sign of beauty, and only the royal family has white hair their whole life, so I think it looks beautiful.

Oh, thank you.

Wait, wait, wait, before anything else, I don't know your name!

I'm Mei. Nice to meet you, and welcome to Owaka, population 3,000.

Wait, did my family moving here make the population totally even like that? COOL!

Well yeah, but I don't think they counted your dog.

How DARE they not! My SparkleShine is queen of CuteLand!

Your dog is call SparkleShine.

Of course! It's a cool name for a dog.



The End

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