Miss Mystery

I remember that early June day. The sun was shining birds singing kids in the park laughing, a perfect day. Or was it?

 Lauren and I walked into Mr. Richards science class in a fit of giggles about Tomas Auden the gorgeous guy Lauren got to sit next to in maths. We walked to our places on the opposite side of the class to each other groaning about it. I groaned again when I saw I was sitting next to Lukas Yale. He just gave me a filthy look and muttered a word that only he could think of and only he could ever want to say.

  "Now, now please settle down class" croaked weedy Mr. Richards and Lukas mimicked him in a high squeaky voice. The lesson dragged by. Normally I like physics even if people say I'm a nerd to understand it, but today the muzzy warm temperature was making me fall asleep and all I wanted to do was go out to sunbathe on the grass outside.

 "Put the book away, nerd" Lukas woke me from a daydream.


"Put the effing text book away!"

"What...Oh Right." I reached for the book before I decided better.

 "Hey you do it!"

 "No little nerd Mr. Rusty would be disappointed in you" He said in a high squeaky voice. I sighed and stood up.

"Good girl knew you would come to your senses!" I thrust the book back in his face muttering,

"No way am I giving in that easily!" We were at the back of the class ages away from the teacher and I was exhausted.

"Go on you know you teachers pet instincts are begging you to do it!" A couple of people around us sniggered.

"No way you lazy lump! A bit of exercise would do you good!" the warm tiring temperature and dull long day was making me irritable.

"At least my dad isn't a murderer"

"What!" I turned to look at him confused. You see I lived alone with my mum my dad had died when I was about 1.

"Deaf as well as nerdy she is Paul" Lukas said to a boy in front of him.

"I. Said. At. Least. My. Dad. Is. Not..." He said annoyingly loudly and slowly.

"Yes I heard but what are you on about?"

"What you don't even now your dad?" He laughed and grinned at Paul and reached into his pocked and brought out a crumpled piece of paper which he smoothed out so I could see was a newspaper clipping.

"Look Mikealo Ranger the murderer. His second names Ranger like you Macey Ranger!" He held the paper up to my face and examined me and the picture.

"Eh Paul isn't she the spitting image! Only goes to say he is her long lost farther!" He guffawed. I snatched the cutting off him and looked closely at the picture just as the bell went.

"Come on Macey" I heard Lauren call from behind me and turned still looking at the paper.  I had all but frozen inside.

"Oy! Give me my cutting back!" I heard Lukas call but I was pushing my way through a swarm students.


 "'tis it?" Lauren asked trying to look over my shoulder.

"Oh nothing" I answered stuffing it in my coat pocket refusing to think about it.

"Ok miss mystery!"


The End

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