The Power To Kill

Imagine if one day you found out that you were the baddy. Imagine if one day you found out you were born to kill.




                       Should I?


I knelt on the hard cold marble floor. Pain was searing through my arm where a cold blade had bitten my flesh. My whole body was aching and bruised and I had no more spirits left to dampen. But I felt none of this all I could feel was the anger swelling in my gut. Was this my anger or just an anger passed down to me, an anger I was born for?  Am I me or just a thing? A thing born to kill. Kill her. The girl I was kneeling over. A pale thin excuse for a girl! I'm not sure if that's what I think or what I should think, what I was born to think. She was ghost white, shaking and terrified of the knife in my hand and of me. Good! Is that me thinking that? I don't know its something I will never know. I have the power to kill her. To end this battle this feud- my self feud the one in my mind and our feud the one I was born into. Well would it really end it? But I know one thing it would end, her life. I was born for this. Can I do it, should I? 

The End

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