Hello, Sweetie!Mature

The Doctor introduces River Song (played by Destin) and Amy Pond (played by Mel) to Captain Jack Harkness (played by Ryan). Rory is very confused.

"Hello, sweetie!" River greeted her beloved husband, whose name only she knew. She greeted her Doctor with a good, passionate snogging, as always.

Amy looked away. She should be the one snogging the Doctor. Also, she should be snogging Rory, her husband, but her raggedy Doctor as well. Why did they always have to fight, and make her choose between them?

A tall, charismatic man with a chiseled face cleared his throat. He held out his hand to Amy. "I'm Captain Jack Harkness," he said, with a sly grin. "And who might you be?"

Amy felt her blood run hot. Who is this man? He's flirting with me. He's really hot! She took his hand and shook it... and let her hand linger for a while. "I'm Amy, Amy Pond." she answered, simply. She swayed a little from side to side, feeling like a schoolgirl with a crush.

The Doctor, watching, raised an eyebrow. "Hey... Jack... we don't have time for flirting right now! We've got a universe to save!"

Captain Jack shrugged. "She started it," he said, and moved toward River and offered her his hand, but not before giving Amy one last flirtatious glance. "Captain Jack," he said simply. "And you?"

River gave a knowing, sensual smile. "River Song, the Doctor's wife."

Jack turned to the Doctor. "You're married? And it's not to me? I'm hurt, Doctor." He winked at the Doctor, younger than he had ever seen him.

Rory gave Captain Jack and River a once-over before he spoke up. "Um, you guys, the Daleks are coming. And that Sontarian and the Cyberman that have been upgrading themselves for like, three days! We really need to get a move on here!"

"Right!" exclaimed River. "Doctor, how much time do we have?"

They all laughed. They had a TARDIS. They had all the time in the world.

The End

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