The Power Of Nightmares

My English teacher loved this demonic poem and hope you will too, just... Don't get any paranoia :) Btw, this is a Sestina format.

Nothing but comfort, dreams can turn into a nightmare.

Lost and confused, I can't find my way out of this dream.

If you get absorbed into your dream, it will become your reality.

Eyes open, and with full comprehension, the Earth is your life.

Without a family and friends, you are lonely.

Messing with dreams can be a dangerous thing, for you are here, forever.

Lost in desperation, you are gone forever.

Withering shadows foresee your death and nightmares.

Isolated, forgotten, and unconfident, you discover loneliness.

Is this real or all a dream?

Frail and shriveled by isolation, you are now lifeless.

I don't know whether I am fake or real.

Nether dreams absorb your reality.

Stuck in a ritual, you are closer to being here forever.

Clouded by judgement, the shadows are your life.

Force so powerful, this power feels like a nightmare.

This force at work and power feels like a dream.

Every dark resident fears this murky power, my hunger is now lonely.

Withering dark flames soar away and soar alone.

Many think this is fake, but it is very real.

Colliding light and dark, can this be a dream?

For eternity, I hold this power in my grasp forever.

The pulsating aura of this energy is like a nightmare.

Is there any life?

I think I could be asleep for life.

In the real world, my body is left untouched and alone.

I could be sleeping, only to be struggling with a nightmare.

I have no understanding of what's fake or real.

Separated and and being abandoned, I maybe trapped here forever.

I ask myself, "Will I ever leave this dreaded nightmare?"

An agent of hope springs by and lifts the curse in my dreams.

I think I could be rescued for life.

Gliding through the indistinct clouds, the sun radiates and I could look at it forever.

With aspiration in my heart, I will never be alone.

I know this is my true reality.

I wake up all sweaty realizing it was all just a nightmare.

The difference between dreams and nightmares is relentless and light and engulfing darkness.

Never forget the reality of life, or the shadows will come find you.

There is always hope at the end of the tunnel and you will never be forever alone.

The End

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