Lucy AtkinsonMature

He cheated on me. That bastard cheated on me! He went behind my back and slept with some... slut! If I ever meet her, heaven forbid if I do, I will happily slit her throat and stab her in the face. Bitch. Shaun, blah... I can't even say his name without feeling sick.

I can't believe it. I will never get over this. I was going out with him for five years. Then out of the blue he tells me he comes to my house and tells me that he slept with someone else. And to think I wanted to have a child with him. He claimed she was 'drunk'. Which makes this whole thing worse. He will pay for what he did to me. 

I close my eyes, and put my hands over my ears to try and stop the noise of him banging on the door. Far away, somewhere in the distance, I can hear a guitar playing, a bass guitar and drums. But where? I take my hands away and look up to see four young girls standing above me. I just locked the door. And the windows are shut. How did they get in? 

The End

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