Back At The HouseMature

The boys return to the house and switch the television on to see Mark Taylor at his friends house playing on the PS3 having the time of his life. Another life the band have saved. 

"Dan, you did a really good job, I thought that guy was actually going to kill himself" Rachel says. 

"Yeah, he kept going for the knife, I'm glad he kicked it away" Dan says relaxing on a sofa. 

"That solo was awesome" Jack says clicking his fingers. 

"Bass was pretty awesome to" Matt says, and he and Jack high five. On that note, the television flickers to a different channel. They are watching a young couple are arguing. 

"I don't care what you say to me anymore! I don't care I don't care I don't care!" the young girl says. 

"B - "

"No! Get out!" she pushes him out of the room and through the open door, and then locks it. She falls to the floor, puts her hands to her face and starts to cry. All she can hear, is her now ex-boyfriend banging on the door pleading to get back in and reason with her. 

"Aww poor girl" Rachel says. 

"Men can be so mean" Laura says. The girls look at each other and know what they have to do. Tell the ex-boyfriend that she doesn't care and to never see her again. 

The End

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