Don't Try SuicideMature

I blink and the four of them are gone. Maybe I'm just seeing things. Oh well. I pick up the knife and take it to my skin. I breathe in, close my eyes......... and somewhere behind me a catchy bass riff starts to play. It becomes louder and louder and closer and closer. 

"Don't do it" voices sing near me, but sound so far away. Gripping the knife tighter, I stand poised, at the ready to attack. A face appears in front of me, it's one of those young lads I saw earlier. Young, strong, quite attractive I must say, and dark, short spiky hair. 

"You got a good thing going now" he sings at me. He turns me to another young lad, again, strong, attractive and blonde hair. 

"Don't do it" he sings, again I am turned to see the third, also strong, attractive and brown hair. 

"Don't do it" he sings, I am again turned to see the forth, also strong, attractive with blonde hair and a fringe. 

"Don't!" he sings. I am pushed back onto the sofa, and the first with the black hair comes in front of me. 

"Don't try suicide" the three echo behind me. 

"Nobody's worth it" the one in front sings at me. 

"Don't try suicide" 

"Nobody cares" he comes closer and closer to me with every word, so much tension, so much emotion. 

"Don't try suicide" the three behind also get closer to me, drilling those three words into my brain, don't try suicide. 

"You're just gonna hate it" 

"Don't try suicide"

"Nobody gives a damn" the guy in front slaps me, then sits on my right. "So you think it's the easy way out" he whispers in my ear. He then appears on my left side. "Think your going to slash your wrists this time" He stands behind me, pulls my head back and looks down on me. "Baby when you do it all you do is get on my tits" oh the bass, so much bass, and the clapping sends vibes into my body telling me not to kill myself. 

"Don't do that" the three sing behind, and the singer appears in front of me again. 

"You got a good thing going now" he sings, I find myself with my head back looking at the three behind. 

"Don't do it, don't do it, don't do it, don't!" The lead singer stands in front of me. 

"You need help!" he yells at me. "Look at yourself you need help!" he comes closer. "You need life" and closer "So don't hang yourself it's okay, okay, okay, okay" he then appears on the table sitting down. "You just can't be a prick teaser all of the time" 

"A little bit of attention" the three echo behind. 

"You got it!" the lead singer sings and then steps in front of me. 

"Need some affection" a picture of my wife, Andrea, appears on my lap, the only woman I ever loved. 

"You got it!" the lead sings, I find myself looking at him again. 

"Don't do it, don't do it, don't do it" they repeat several times. The guy with the brown hair appears standing on the table with a guitar and hurls out a guitar solo. Thoughts of happiness flow through me, my wife, my kids, the job I have working in Sainsbury's. The solo stops, and then the catchy bass riff plays behind me. 

"Don't try suicide" rings throughout my brain. I put my hands to my head and think of all the happy times. Getting married, starting a family, having kids, having a job. Oh the happy thoughts. I open my eyes to see them gone, and to hear no more music playing. Who were those people? Were they sent from heaven? I'm not sure if there's a God or not, but I feel like I've just met him. And he's given me a second chance to live. 

Feeling positive and no more suicidal thoughts, I grab my jacket and head out of this tiny crappy flat. I'm going to Gary's, my best friend. To sit, to relax, to play on the PS3. Just like the good old times. 

The End

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