Mark TaylorMature

This is it. I am going to take my own life. I am a stupid drunken wreck and I only have myself to blame for everything. My wife left me, took both kids and ran straight out the door. Why did she leave me? Because I got drunk and slept with her best friend. Stupid, stupid mistake. She took everyone away that I loved and now I have nothing to live for. Absolutely nothing. Death would be a sweet release for me. 

"Oh God!" I yell, pick up a can of beer in front of me and down the rest. Nothing much in it. I can not wait any longer. I pick up a knife and take it to my skin. I close my eyes and take a deep breath in. But then... far, far away I can hear a faint clapping noise. It seems to be getting closer, and closer, and louder, and louder. I open my eyes to see four young lads standing in front of me clicking there fingers. I locked the doors and windows. How did they get in? And who are they? 

The End

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