The planet Cantus connects with Earth through the power of music. The band is there to help the people of Earth through there tough times in life. The band is the future. The band is our future.

Have you ever looked up at the night sky and wondered what is out there in the universe? Have you ever wondered if there is live on other planets? Have you ever felt like people are watching you all the time? We already know that are eight planets and four dwarf planets so far, but what else is out there? There are probably many undiscovered planets with life on then. But it is just the case of finding them.

The planet of Cantus is situated between Jupiter and Saturn. Only a hundred years ago some stars collided with each other creating a massive bang, which created a new planet. But this is no ordinary planet. Something happened when the stars crashed making a huge bass noise cracking some of the land open. The planet was starting to dissolve already. But then more stars collided creating a vortex tunnel which shot straight to earth.

Eight very special people live on this planet. Eight people who make peace, and not war on planet Earth. These people connect physically and emotionally with Earth making individuals feel better through the power of music. It is the power of music that connects Cantus to Earth.

These eight people call themselves the band. This band consists of four boys and four girls. Whenever someone on Earth is going through a tough time in life the band are always there to see them through it. The band have saved a lot of lives and will continue to save more. The band is there to save the future. The band is there to save our future. 

The End

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