The power of love

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Some people say that love is spiritual, and yet others say it is a physical thing.

Anyone who has experienced love and put it to good use can say it definately involves physical actions, as well as spiritual. The few people who find true love are drawn by a link which only exists in the heart, mind or soul, and yet physical attributes will make this person the other half of the puzzle, wether these attributes are loved straight away or are simply something which one learns to love over time.

Truly, can any of us say looks don't matter? i don't believe so. people constantly try to improve themselves because they don't believe they look their best. if these people can say looks don't matter then they are either very good liars, or just not right in th head. So is love physical or spiritual? Can it be both? Do people ever marry on personality alone? It is debatable. The human race, I'm sorry to say, are shallow minded and selfish. it is a flaw we all share, because not one of us hasever not done something for attention, looked in a mirror or done something to make yourself feel good.

Find me someone who really isn't selfish and/or shallow minded, and I'll make them my god. Seriously.

The End

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