So who is he?

Today my lady decided she wanted to work on her embroidery so the rest of us sat in one of her chambers occupying ourselves.  Now that I had the chance I was improving my reading when we weren't set tasks to do.  I sat with Adelaide, the lady-in-waiting who was closest to my age, who was busy with her embroidery.

'Were you feeling well last night Emeline?  You were making such terrible noises in your sleep, I was getting worried.'

'It was nothing,' I assured her.  'Just a bad dream.'  I didn't like telling people about the dreams, let alone on the rare occasion they became reality.  Not things of any importance, cook breaking one of my lord's favourite serving bowls or Luciana falling down the stairs and tearing her dress.  Little things.

But now the dreams were becoming so scary, I wouldn't dare tell even my father about them.  I was praying every night that they wouldn't come true.  I wasn't sure if it was working or if the dreams were waiting for the right moment.

'Well,' whispered Adelaide, changing the subject.  'What do you think about Lord Clement coming to visit.  I didn't really have an opinion on the subject, only that it meant I would have to wait on my lady at dinner.

'I don't know a lot about him so I couldn't say.'  I focused on the page in front of me trying to make the words make sense.

'No-one really knows much about him, not even my lord and lady, he seems to like being mysterious.  But I have heard-'

'Adelaide.'  Suddenly, my lady was standing in front of us.  I bent my head into my book, hoping I wouldn't be drawn in to whatever was going to happen.  'I hope you are not distracting Emeline from her book, I believe it is very good.'  I nodded to confirm what she said, but I don't think she required an answer as she swept away, back to her seat.

'You'll see what I mean when you meet him tonight.'  Adelaide breathed as she went back to her embroidery.

The End

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