The Power of Dreams

A young woman is plagued by unsettling dreams which become scarier when they start coming true.


The sweat was rolling off me as I tossed in my fevered dream.  I couldn't see it but I knew it was there.  I tried to run but it always followed me, hunting me down like some sort of animal.

I broke through the trees that surrounded me and was faced with a castle looming ahead of me, its towers piercing the sky.  But there was only one way to go, forward.

I could hear the panting of the creature behind me as I sprinted towards the castle.  I prayed that I could make it safely to the castle, then I could work out how to get out of here.

I began to rain heavily as I made it towards the gates.  The ground became sodden and I slipped.  I pulled at the grass with my hands, knowing I had to get up, I had to get away from whatever it was that was following me.

I threw my body against the gates and they fell open.  I stumbled but managed to remain standing as I ran at the huge wooden doors.  The footfalls were closer now, I looked behind me to see if I could see it but there was nothing there.

I was nearly at the doors, they were almost within arms reach when a sharp pain in my lower back threw me to the floor.  Then something was ontop of me and I jolted awake.

My hands were shaking and the duvet was on the floor.  I reached over and lit the candle beside my bed.  I had to make sure there was nothing waiting for me in the darkness.

'Put it out Emeline some of us are trying to sleep.'  The light was gone.

It had felt so real.  The rain dripping down my face and the sodden ground beneath me.  The sharp pain in my back that was gone now.  The dreams were becoming more vivid and it was starting to scare me.

The End

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