The Power DrillMature

Who would have believed that James Baker's life would revolve around a brooding power drill? It was to be a catalyst in his life and his crackerjack wife had no idea that her simple decision would trigger such a domino-effect.


Chapter 1

The Way Out

The power drill lay still. As if it had a life of its own, it seemed to brood.

James Baker looked at it with loathing. He felt as if it had assumed its own persona and he was no longer in control of it. For seventeen months he had submitted to its rule. Well, the worm was about to turn.

It was all Dill’s fault. Why the hell had she ever contacted the damned television programme? For that matter, why had he ever allowed himself to be dragged into the scheme? She was always so convincing; all her ideas seemed so novel, so seductive. Each time they thought this was the one; the one that would change the entire course of their lives.

James Baker was a remarkably patient man. His wife was a crackerjack. Sometimes, he would look at her and wonder if she was real. How could one woman have all that energy contained within such a tiny frame? She bewitched him. When he was away from her he couldn’t see her pitch-black hair and luminous violet eyes, couldn’t feel the waves of magnetism that bound him to her. Only away from her did he feel totally sane.

And now he felt driven to the very edge.

What to do?

The renovation programme which Dill had blithely signed them up to had revealed an even deeper, darker side to her. He had no idea where it might end. It had to stop.

The End

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