The power and me.

Alicia Keystone jumped up from the forest floor in a haste, hearing a rustle in the bush beside her and a hawk flying overhead.  She didn't realize how beautiful it was only becaues she'd fallen asleep on her watch and there was something watching them.  It was creeping towards her...closer...closer...

BAM!  It hit her and darkeness was all that was left.

I found her a few hours later when it was my turn for watch.  We had gone in a sort of routine since escaping the talking wolves cave to keep watch for any stray hungry wolves.

"Alicia? Why didn't you wa-" I cut off shortly as I saw her lying on the ground, pale as can be.  I ran too her in a haste.

There was a gash that ran from the top of her neck to her chest.  It was a deep cut, but that wasn't all that was there.  Her leg was twisted and almost completely torn off, and she wasn't breathing.  I checked her pulse.  Nothing.  I gave her the heimlich, CPR, but nothing helped.  So I curled up and went to sleep beside her, feeling hopelessly alone. 

It was then that I felt the power within.

The End

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