Great Timing

It has been seven days after the big commotion in front of the language building. It was currently already midnight but Alexis still lay in the middle of the bed, wide awake and staring at the glowing stars on her ceiling. Thoughts of a certain someone and of the events of the past few days kept on replaying in her head. Their dinner date, if you could call it that, went rather smoothly. Alexis picked the most expensive restaurant she could think of in hope of emptying Thonie’s pocket but it turned out that Thonie was more than ready for the occasion. She also stayed cold and unresponsive despite Thonie’s ardent effort to make Alexis talk to her. In the road, Thonie gave up and just contented herself with attending to Alexis’s every need until the time she brought her back to her house. The morning right after that, Alexis was surprised to see Thonie on her door steps. The girl was very much excited to start her duties as Alexis’s “slave”.

Alexis heaved a sigh.

Can anyone really change that fast?

For this past few days, Thonie was nothing but a very “faithful servant” to Alexis. She has been treating the latter like a princess, not even letting her lift a finger. In return, Alexis has been trying to annoy and anger Thonie but to no avail. She even resorted once into embarrassing Thonie in front of everyone which she immediately regretted after seeing the pain in Thonie’s eyes. She just felt like a bully when Thonie did not even retort or complain about the matter.

What is happening Kwon Thonie? Why are you doing this? Should I really trust you? And What are you doing to me?!

Suddenly, the door to Alexis’s room creaked open and the head of a certain someone poked in. This made Alexis look at her door in surprise.

“Unnie? Are you still awake?”

Krystal peeked into her sister’s room, trying to figure out in the dark if her unnie was awake or not.

“Yes Krystal. I am. Why are you still awake? Is something bothering you?”

Alexis sat up and opened the lamp beside her bed to give illumination to the room. Krystal slowly stepped inside her Unnie’s room and walked towards her bed. Nervousness and anxiety was written all over her face.

“Can we talk Unnie?”

The End

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