Like a usual weekday morning, there were squealing, fainting and staring scenes. The only difference is that it’s double the commotion this time since it’s the first time that the two idols of the campus are walking “together”. Alexis kept sighing and throwing death glares since she was really getting irritated with all the attention while Thonie on the other hand seems like she was not aware of the stares they were getting since her eyes were glued to the back of a certain someone in front of her.

A few minutes after, after passing by some frozen fans, a few fainted ones, and a lot of commotion, they finally arrived at the language building and went inside room 020. And there outside the room were now three banners, the usual two which says We Love Kwon Thonie and We Love Alexis Jung and the new one which says We Love Althon!

What the heck…

Alexis who was now seated comfortably, turned to the still smiling Thonie beside her and harshly took her belongings.

“Is this what you’re planning Kwon Thonie? To irritate me each day? ”Alexis told Thonie in a menacing tone coupled with a fierce glare. Kwon Thonie’s eyes widened and as she shook her head vigorously. She outright denied the accusation and for the first time since she entered the room, glanced at the rowdy crowd outside.

She then let out a loud sigh and stood up. This made Alexis look at her questioningly. She was curious as to what the latter was going to do. Thonie walked towards the door and faced the screaming crowd. She then gave them all a smile and raised her hard, gesturing them all to be quite.

“Can I ask you all a favor?”

Several shouts were heard as another commotion started but Thonie raised up her hand again and silenced them.

“Can you all leave us at peace for a while? I would greatly appreciate it if you could grant my request.” Thonie’s gentle voice and maybe her manner of speaking calmed the crowd down as evident by the occasional nods. For the first time in many years, they were willing to leave their idols alone for a while.

“Thank you.” Thonie smiled at the dispersing crowd who gave admiring looks before fully disappearing. Thonie then went back to her chair with a satisfied smile playing on her lips. She gave a thumbs-up sign to Alexis who was merely looking at her curiously.

Are you really Kwon Thonie?

 Thonie, upon sitting comfortably beside Alexis, gave the latter a wide grin which caused Alexis to cringe in annoyance.

“And one more thing…”

Thonie stayed smiling at Alexis while awaiting her command which caused the latter to scrunch up her face in utmost irritation. Alexis tore her eyes away from Thonie and focused her attention on the book that she’s now holding.

“…do not grin at me like that again and stop staring at me. It’s creeping me out.”

Thonie stopped grinning and nodded before looking in front while still smiling.


Alexis suppressed the giggle rising from her throat because of the other’s dorky action.

What is happening Kwon Thonie?

The End

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