“Come on now Alexis, let me carry those…” Thonie pouted as she used her best effort to get to carry the books that Alexis was holding.



“I said no Thonie. I will just tell you if I want you to do something ok?”

“Oh… Ok…”

Thonie just sadly pouted as she continued walking side by side with Alexis who seems to be really annoyed with her presence.

What is this girl really planning?

Thonie was silent for a moment but because it was not really her nature to be silent and to walk solemnly, she could not help but revert back to her usual self after a few minutes. She skipped in front of Alexis and tried talking to her while walking backwards.

“What time would your class end Alexis?”

Alexis just looked at her with the what-the-heck-are-you-doing look before answering her in a chilling tone.

“BEHAVE Kwon Thonie.”

What is wrong with this girl?

This made the overly energetic girl zip her mouth shut and behave herself all throughout the entire walk.

Upon arriving at the school gate, Alexis threw Thonie all her stuffs and smirked at her.

“I believe you won’t be doing any pranks in front of the whole student body right?

This question was just met by a timid nod of the head from the girl questioned.

“Good. Then just stay at my back and follow me ok?”

This rather strange order was answered with an overly excited nod from the tanned girl who immediately followed. She took a few steps back and stayed behind Alexis. Unlike her usual self, Thonie did not even look at all her fans but instead kept her sparkling eyes on the one walking before her.

“Aren’t those, the Kwon Thonie and the Jung Alexis of our campus?”

“Omo! Yes they are! So the rumors are true then!”

“What rumors?”

“Oh were you not here when Thonie proposed to Alexis?”

“Proposed? So my Thonie is now taken by the Alexis Jung?”

“That’s what it says in the rumors. Or they are probably dating.”

“They really look good together!”

The End

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