The Happy Slave

The next day…

Ding dong Ding dong

“Would you kindly get that honey?” Ms. Jung shouted from upstairs.

“Who would be such a nuisance early in the morning?” mumbled Alexis as she was busy fixing her school stuffs.

“I’ll get it.” Mr. Jung hurriedly got up and went to the door to see who that was.

“Oh Jess! Someone’s looking for you!” Mr. Jung shouted from right in front of the door.


Alexis lazily walked towards the door while thinking who the person might be. And there she saw in front of their door, as girl who was smiling a little too happily.

“Good morning Alexis!”

“Kwon Thonie? What on earth are you doing here?”

Thonie gave her a playful salute partnered with a killer smile.

“Your slave for a week, reporting for duty Miss Jung!”


What is she so happy about?

The End

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