Wasted Date

“Uhh… Alexis…”

Thonie stared at all the food on their table, shock written all over her face.

Alexis flashed Thonie a smirk before speaking.

“Why Thonie? Is there a problem?”

“Uhh… Nothing… It’s just that, are you sure that we are going to eat all these?” Thonie nervously asked which Alexis answered with a nonchalant “Maybe?”

Thonie just nodded at this answer and tried thinking of a question to ask Alexis.

“Uhh… How’s the preparation for the ball?” Thonie excitedly asked Alexis as she wanted to start a safe topic with the latter. But her excited query was met with a nonchalant “Fine” by the other who simply focused her attention on her plate.

“Uhh… That’s good! How about the… soccer practice?”

This last question made Alexis raise her eyebrow at Thonie in suspicion.

“Ah, No! I am not spying! I’m… merely asking.”

Alexis simply rolled her eyes and answered “as usual” in another nonchalant tone before giving back her attention to her food.

At this point, Thonie already gave up in trying to start a conversation and just decided to eat dinner silently while occasionally stealing glances at Alexis.

Thirty minutes after, Alexis uttered a soft “Let’s go” before slowly lifting her head up to look at Thonie. This made Thonie look at all the food on the table in surprise.

“I’m full already and it’s late so we have to go.”

“Oh… ok… Wait…”

Thonie immediately paid for the bill and accompanied Alexis towards her car. The ride back to the Jung’s Residence was quiet and unusually tranquil. An evident sad smile was playing in Thonie’s lips which the ice princess conveniently ignored as her mind traveled elsewhere.

The night ended with a genuine smile from Thonie and a warm goodbye which the ice princess just answered with a nonchalant “Good night.”.

The End

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