Cat Got Your Tongue?

“Uhm Krystal, can I please have a glass of water?”

“Uh… Sure Unnie.” Krystal got up and went to the kitchen to get what Thonie requested. There she contemplated on the things that are happening at the moment.

No. I shouldn’t jump into conclusions. I should first observe in the next few days. Maybe she just really wants to make peace with Unnie and end this long term misunderstanding once and for all. I should really just observe first. No need to tell Alexis of the things that I have done.

Krystal then went back to the living room and saw Thonie fidgeting nervously with her hand. She slowly approached Thonie and gave her the glass of water, which the latter graciously accepted. She gave her dongsaeng a smile before gulping down the content of the glass in one go and giving back the glass to Krystal.

“Thank you.”

Krystal immediately took the glass and brought it back to the kitchen. She then hurriedly went back to the living room to somehow lessen Thonie’s anxiousness by talking to her. After an hour and a half of directionless talk, Alexis finally went down. The moment Alexis walked down the stairs, Thonie to stood up while staring at her and stayed there for a few seconds, transfixed. Alexis was wearing a simple black dress some accessories and a pair of black heels. Her golden locks were let loose on her shoulder making her shine like an angel.

“Are you done staring?” This rather cold comment broke Thonie’s dazed state and pulled her back to reality. She answered Alexis’s icy greeting with a mono syllabic reply.

“Uh hi…”

“Let’s go already and get it over and done with. You disturbed my beauty sleep Kwon Thonie so this better not be a prank or I’ll throw you into a furnace to be burned forever.”

Alexis briskly walked towards the front door not realizing the fact that for the first time ever since they have met, Thonie did not give any retort to what she has said. Alexis glanced back at Krystal and the latter eyed her sister questioningly. An inquiring look that Alexis merely dismissed. Thonie then hurriedly opened the door for the bored ice princess and ushered her out which the latter just received suspiciously. Thonie then opened the car door for Alexis, a gesture which the latter just ignored and Krystal took great notice of. Krystal stayed on the front door of the Jung residence watching the two until Thonie’s car was out of sight.

What is happening to you Thonie Unnie?

The End

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