Something's Definitely Wrong?

“Ehem… She said she’ll be down in a while Thonie Unnie. But judging by the fact that she IS Alexis Unnie, you better sit down first since it might really take a while.”

Krystal gestured Thonie to sit down which the latter hesitantly did. Krystal then sat in front of her Unnie and watched her intently. She noticed that Thonie was too jittery for just a simple “apology dinner” like what she said. This puzzled Krystal even further and heightened her suspicion.

Something is definitely wrong here…

Krystal decided to inquire more about the apology dinner and also find out what was wrong in the situation.

“Uhm Thonie Unnie?”

The sudden call made Thonie jerk her head up in surprise which she immediately covered up by an awkward smile. This made Krystal raise an eyebrow and look at her Unnie quizzically.

“Are you alright Thonie Unnie?”

Thonie just absentmindedly nodded before glancing at the stairs.

“Uhm… Unnie? How were you able to persuade Alexis Unnie anyway?”


“Uhm Unnie are you really alright?”

“Ow… yah.. Uhh… She just got annoyed with my consistent questions so… she eventually cenceeded.”

“Oh.. ok..”

Silence enveloped the as Krystal observed Thonie once again as the latter went back to playing with her fingers nervously.

“Are you sure that this dinner is a just simple peace offering for my Unnie? Because you definitely seem to be behaving like a girl on her first date Thonie Unnie…”


This comment just made Thonie more nervous as she now tried to focus on anything else in the room aside from Krystal.

“I am? uhh… hahaha… Maybe I’m just worried that something might go wrong and the night… would end up with Alexis throwing me into a furnace… to be burned alive.. hahaha”

Thonie gave Krystal a nervous laugh which made the latter furrow her brow and aggravate her suspicion on the former’s intention.

No it can’t be. I shouldn’t jump into conclusions.

The End

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