Since When Did You Become Friends?

“Alexis Unnie! Thonie Unnie’s waiting for you downstairs!”

A loud voice and three loud knocks echoed throughout the house as an annoyed Krystal tried to “wake-up” her suspected sleeping sister. Still not hearing any sign of life after the three loud knocks and the shouts, the younger girl sighed and proceeded into opening the door of the room. She peered into Alexis’s room, and as expected, saw her sister still fast asleep.

“Aish! Alexis Unnie!”

She rushed to her sister’s side and proceeded into shaking her up.

“Alexis Unnie! Wake up!”

“Hmm… Five more minutes.”

“Alexis Unnie! Thonie Unnie’s  downstairs waiting for you! Wake up already!”


In response, Alexis just covered her ears with a pillow which made Krystal sigh in annoyance.

“I-am-going-to-pour-cold-water-on-you-if-you-would-not-get-up-Unnie.” Krystal said in a menacing tone which caused her Unnie to suddenly get up.

“I’m up! I’m up!”Alexis blurted out upon the sudden remembrance of what her dongsaeng did a few months ago. She gave Krystal a glare which the latter just ignored.

“Get ready now Unnie because Thonie Unnie’s already waiting downstairs. Uhhh.. Since when did you become friends anyway?”

“No more questions! Out! Out! Tell her I’ll be down in a while.”

Alexis deliberately ignored Krystal’s comment as she ushered the latter out before walking towards the bathroom to freshen herself up. Krystal on the other hand went down the stairs more puzzled than when she had climbed up and went straight to the living room where Thonie was waiting. There she saw Thonie walking back and forth wearing a nervous expression. She was wearing a stunning black tube dress with a fur coat on the side and matching flats.

The End

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