This Better Not Be Another Prank

Alexis stood rooted on the ground where she was standing. She was now really irritated and confused. She wanted to shout and ask Thonie what the h*ll she wants but she does not want to do it in front of the whole crowd. While Thonie, realizing that Alexis was not going to come near her decided to just walk towards the latter.

When she was finally in front of Alexis, Thonie extended her hand to give to the former a white Tulip which symbolizes her sincerity in saying sorry.

But Alexis just stared at the hand holding the flower.

“What are planning Kwon Thonie?” she said between gritted teeth.

Thonie sighed at what she heard. She could not blame Alexis for doubting her intentions. It was all her fault anyway. She stared at Alexis and inhaled deeply as she gathered all her will power so she can do what she was planning to do. She slowly smiled at Alexis.

“Do you really think I would put my reputation at stake just for me to be able to prank you?”

Alexis raised an eyebrow upon hearing what Thonie said. She still definitely doubted the sincerity of her arch nemesis.

“It’s alright if you don’t believe me now. But I tell you. I will do this every day until you give me that chance to make it up to you.”

Thonie looked at Alexis’s still doubtful expression and sighed in exasperation.

“It would only be for a week Alexis. I just want to be free from all the guilt that I am feeling. Right after that, I promise to leave you alone.”

After a few seconds of torturing silence, Alexis, who was already tired of all the stares she’s been getting and of this commotion this early in the morning, decided to just take the flower and just be ready for whatever Thonie was planning.

“I’ll keep my eyes open Kwon Thonie. So this… better not be another prank.”

After taking the flower and saying what she wanted to say, Alexis simply walked towards room 020 of the language building, ignoring all the squealing fans around her and leaving the still smiling Thonie, who did not seem to have heard her threat.

The End

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