The Declaration

It was early in the morning but as usual Alexis was already walking passed the gate of the school. She wanted to arrive at school a little earlier than everybody else so that she could somehow avoid a teeming crowd of students waiting for her at the gate. Bound by a lot of school works and accustomed to Alexis’s character, her fans no longer tried to come early and wait for her at the gate. They just all appear at the hallway towards room 020 of the language building, a few minutes before her first class, to get a glimpse of her in the morning. But today was different. As Alexis looked around her, she noticed that there were more students around than usual.

Is there a program today? Why is everyone early?

As she neared the language building, it became evident that there were indeed many students that morning and they were all gathered in front of the language building, looking at something.

What is this commotion all about?

Then, as if the crowd heard her query, they suddenly parted to give way for her but not without so much giggling and squealing.

What the…

Alexis looked straight at the end of the pathway paved by the students and saw the most surprising thing she has ever seen….

…for there at the end of the pathway was her arch nemesis Kwon Thonie. She was holding a stem of flower and above her head, hanging on the ceiling of the first floor of the building, was an enormous banner saying in large prints…

Alexis Jung I’m sorry.

and in smaller prints below it…

I promise to never do it again. Will you give me a chance to make it up to you?

The End

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