I Don't Trust You.

Alexis was resting on one side of the soccer field and was drinking her water when, suddenly a girl holding two sandwiches, appeared beside her.

“Alexis, I bought us food. I know you’re hungry too. I also just finished baseball practice.”

Thonie extended the sandwich to Alexis with a genuine smile. But instead of reaching for it, Alexis just continued to gulp down her water and pretended not to hear Thonie. Thonie heaved a sigh and looked down.

“There are no cucumbers in these sandwiches. You can even smell them if you want.” Thonie again, extended the two sandwiches to Alexis. Alexis, feeling rather annoyed, looked up and gave Thonie her iciest glare.

“I don’t trust you Kwon Thonie. Not even a bit.”

Thonie heaved a sigh.

“How about this...”

Alexis just continued to stare at the field, pretending that there weren’t anyone else there except her. Thonie sighed again and continued speaking though Alexis seemed like she wasn’t listening.

“…I will treat you to dinner tonight, in your chosen restaurant that I would only know when we are already on our way, and then I will be your slave for a week. All that for you to forgive me.”

After finishing her little proposal, Thonie stood there fidgeting, while waiting for Alexis’s answer.

After a few seconds of silence, Alexis slowly looked up, her face, expressionless.

“Read my lips Kwon Thonie. Because you did not seem to hear what I said.” Alexis raised an eyebrow at Thonie. ”I-don’t-trust-you-Kwon-Tho-nie. Got it?”

Alexis then picked up her sports bag, turned around, and walked away with not so much as a glance at Thonie. Thonie just stared at Alexis’ fleeting figure in shock. She did not even have the chance to say anything. She sadly looked down at the ground, hoping beyond hope that she would find a way for Alexis to forgive those stupid things she did.

The End

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