A change or not?

It was a typical morning at the campus. Thonie was once again walking towards room 020 of the language building for her first class. The fans around her were, as usual, squealing, fainting and staring. Everything was normal, except for one thing or rather, one person. The center of attraction herself, Kwon Thonie. Thonie was no longer giving the crowd flirtatious winks and sexy flips of the hair. She was simply walking quietly and giving the crowd timid smiles. Nevertheless, even just the sight of their idol walking was enough to make the crowd go wild so all in all, it was still a normal, noisy, chaotic morning. Thonie heaved a sigh upon comfortably slouching on her chair. She then glanced at her left and gave her seatmate, a genuine smile.

“Good morning Alexis.”

Not knowing how to react to the uncharacteristic pleasant greeting, Alexis decided to just ignore it, as well as the smiling girl beside her. Thonie, sensing that she would not receive any reply, pouted and decided to ask Alexis a question.

“Are you still mad at me because of what I’ve done yesterday?”

Alexis who was really no longer reading her book the moment Thonie entered the room, closed her book and placed it on top of her desk. She was then about to turn around and give Thonie a reply when Miss Seo suddenly entered the room, after of course dispersing the crowd outside. Miss Seo unceremoniously walked towards the table and greeted the class.

“Good morning.”

“Good morning Miss Seo.”

And just like that, the answer to the question was forgotten.

The End

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