A Love Potion?

Krystal ran outside the house, towards a corner of the alleyway, searching for a certain girl who gave her the ruby colored liquid. She reached the alleyway where the table was set a few hours ago. But the girl, along with her table full of bottles, was already gone. Krystal looked around her, desperately searching for the girl and fearing the outcome of her plan. She anxiously searched for the girl in the long alleyway. She wanted to ask for an antidote and explain everything but she just grew tired searching but she did not even see the shadow of the girl. Succumbing to exhaustion, she leaned on the wall of the rather wide alleyway and momentarily closed her eyes. She took out the empty bottle from her pocket and twirled it around with her two fingers.

“Are you really a love potion? Does that mean that Thonie Unnie is now in love with Alexis Unnie?...” Krystal asked the inanimate object. She glanced at the pathway leading to the Kwon residence and furrowed her brow.

“But Thonie Unnie seems normal. She did not look like she suddenly fell head over heels with Alexis Unnie…”

Krystal looked back at the empty bottle in her hand.

“Maybe I’m just thinking too much.”

She smiled to herself and stuffed the bottle back into her pocket.

“Yes, that’s right! I’m just thinking too much. That girl might just be a swindler or a prankster who wanted to fool me. I’m pretty sure that the potion was just a fake.”

Krystal nodded to herself. She glanced at the pathway again.

“I should go back now. They might worry about me. Besides, I still have to finish my project with Amber…”

Krystal stood up straight and looked at the pathway. The moment she turned around and proceed into walking towards the Kwon residence, a big puff of smoke appeared on the other side of the alleyway. From that smoke, two figures emerged. A taller one and a shorter one. The taller one was being held in a back hug by the shorter one.

“Let me go Sunny Bunny!” The taller one shouted as she struggled to escape the shorter one’s iron tight back hug.

“Stop it Sooyoungie!”

“Let me go my Bunny! I‘m going to teach that kid a lesson! How dare her call me, the great Choi Sooyoung, a swindler and a fake?!”

The taller one continued to struggle as the shorter one sighed while still back hugging her.

“Okay Sooyoungie. If you stop now, I’ll give you the most delicious food you could ever taste.”

The girl called Sooyoung suddenly stopped struggling and glanced at the shorter girl who’s now beside her.

“What food Sunny Bunny? You do know that I could whip up any food like, right now, right?”

The one called Sunny smiled at Sooyoung seductively before whispering.

“Something you would never forget and something only I could give…”

Sooyoung’s jaw dropped at what her girlfriend had said. And as another puff of smoke emerged, they were gone.

The End

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